It was long overdue.

Let’s face it. With smartphones becoming ubiquitous today, ‘online’, ‘upload’, ‘save’ and ‘OTP’ are some of the words that are now part of our daily lingo. It is fascinating and amusing indeed to see our parents and aged grandparents not only use these terms regularly but also action them on their smartphones quite easily.

Have you ever wondered while every other aspect of our lives has gone digital, why do we still lug that saree bag full of medical reports, x-rays and prescriptions when we visit our doctor?

With almost all our banking now going digital, the next generation of kids would not understand what ‘updating a passbook’ or a ‘fixed deposit certificate’ means. However, they would clearly remember you scrambling for your Dad’s ECG reports and BP readings on that fateful night. We could not come up with a valid and logical reason for why this should be so and we wanted to fix it.

2020 has been a year unlike any, in many of our lives. The handshakes and warm hugs disappeared and the smiles were masked. We now think twice before we touch anything. We had to re-invent the way we do a lot of things in our everyday lives. We thought that it was also the right time to re-invent the way we ‘handled’ our family’s medical reports. We have them from different labs, hospitals, doctors and pharmacies. Some are in printed form and some in our email or whatsapp. There HAD to be a simpler, safer and efficient way to manage them and also have  a solution that is ‘India-proof’.

We needed it in our lives to give us that assurance and peace of mind that our family’s medical history is properly organised and is available anytime and anywhere, especially when the doctors need to see it. It would give us complete control of our medical data and help us interact much more smartly with the rest of the healthcare ecosystem like hospitals, pharmacies, diagnostic labs.  To top it all, it would give us personalised insights about our health that would help us lead better lives. 

Conceptualised and built by an experienced team of medical professionals, technologists and data scientists, DocMyDoc’s secure mobile-based solution not only greatly simplifies the mundane task of managing medical reports, but also offers you and your family a whole lot more. We are very particular about the safety of your family’s personal and medical data and have built DocMyDoc with Data Security and Privacy as one of the main pillars of our design.

In the brief period since its launch, DocMyDoc has already created a positive impact to many families in the way they manage their medical reports and has created opportunities for better health outcomes for their dear ones.

We hope you find DocMyDoc useful to you and your family as well.

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